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Contracting Grant Services with TES

TES.LLC is a company with a rich background in grant development, grant management, project planning, program delivery, program enhancement, and program development. TES’s consultants have over 30 years of experience in community engagement, tribal community development, project/plan development and implementation. Both were instrumental in developing a tribal plan utilized to acquire over $14 million grant dollars.  The experience TES has to offer will enhance the efforts of Tribal Nations to develop a plan that will promote tribal sovereignty and efficient utilization of Tribal, Federal and/or other sources of funding and/or grants.  

Up Coming Training

Reno, Nv Dec 7

TES Training Topics

Grant Acquisition

Get ALL staff on board to understand their roles in successful grant proposal development with Grant Writing Training & Community Planning.

Grant Management

TES can provide training and a database system to track grant activities that assists staff in successful grant management. Include grant “kick off” in proposal timelines to ensure staff are trained to properly follow rules and regulations related to grant funding!

Policy Development 

Create standard policies (HR, Travel, Grant Pursuit, Procurement, etc.) to decrease the “drama” in your organization! 

Cultural Competency 

Do you hire non-Natives to perform work for your Nation? Do you require them to be culturally competent?  Are your Native staff able to serve ALL members of your Tribe?  Let us help them understand and meet the expectations of your community! 


Final Impact: Improved organizational capacity to operate and serve your Tribal Members effectively!  TES-timonial… 

After TES revised a grant process for USET, Steve Terry (grantwriter) writes “…the system works. Thank you for all of your work up front and the time you spent talking to me. It is already paying off!”

 Grant Services Available

  1. .Grant planning- Community planning with appproved priorities

  2. Grant seeking-connect priorities to potential grant sources

  3. Grant writing-address priorities through competitive grant writing

  4. Grant Implementing-improve grant success with effective grant kick-offs
       and compliance database

  5. Grant Management- TES can contract interim management to keep your grant on track.

 “Today we are again evaluating the changing winds.  May we be strong in spirit and equal to our Fathers of another day in reading the signs accurately and interpreting them wisely.  May the Great Spirit look down upon us, guide us, inspire us, and give us courage and wisdom.  Above all, may He look down upon us and be pleased.” 

—-Unknown Speaker addressing the National Congress of American Indians in the mid 1960′s